Welcome to the Essential Mix Radio.

The Essential Mix is a weekly radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 1 and features all styles of dance music. The show has been hosted since its conception in 1993 by DJ Pete Tong who was also the first performer, broadcast on 30 October 1993. Every Sunday a two hour programme is broadcast, usually between the hours of 1am and 3am UK-time (the programme was previously broadcast between 2am and 4am, and before that, between midnight and 2am). The standard format of the show is an uninterrupted guest mix of two hours provided by an invited DJ, group or producer, introduced by Pete Tong. The mix is usually studio recorded in advance, but there are also live broadcasts from clubs or festivals, particularly during the Summer months (Northern Hemisphere). These are mainly from within the UK, but are sometimes broadcast from Ibiza, North America and elsewhere. The broadcasts from Ibiza have taken place every summer since the first broadcast of Nicky Holloway playing live at Ku on 2 July 1995.

Source: Wikipedia.


The stream is down for now, as I need some time to upload the EM archive to the server. It will be back soon.

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