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milk powered mediaplayer

Latest news
Moopeg v0.3 is on its way with a faster engine and more features like a seekbar.
Be patient ^^;
What is Moopeg ?
Moopeg is a lightweight MediaPlayer for windows.
What's new in the latest release of Moopeg ?
- play/pause when you click on the video
- keep video aspect ratio on resize
Where can I download the latest version of Moopeg ?
moopeg-0.2a.exe - 64Kb
What does Moopeg looks like ?
It looks like this:

Moopeg screenshot
What's actually planned for upcoming releases of Moopeg ?
- a seekbar
- a playlist
- command line support
Where can I talk about Moopeg ?
On the Moopeg message board available here.
Where can I find older releases of Moopeg ?
moopeg-0.2.exe - 64Kb - 5Kb - 5Kb - 15Kb - 16Kb
Why should I use Moopeg instead of others available mediaplayers ?
- Moopeg is small, less than 20Kb
- Moopeg is fast, it's coded in pure C and use only the win32 api
- Moopeg is stable, smaller source code also means less possible bugs
- Moopeg is light and features no skin, it's only optimized to play media files, and it doesn't do anything else
What did you used to do Moopeg ?
MS Visual C++ 6 and some free time.
How can I help ?
I've found a bug ! || I want to contact the author || ...
Drop a mail to

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