SingIT box by Lexus


This software displays the lyrics of a song played by any mp3/cd/wav SingIT compatible player in a funny way ;)

It's compatible with the .lrc file format and you can change the look'n'feel of SingIT by using one of the many SingSkins availables.

There is also a Linux version of SingIT at

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[Languages Supported]



SingIT v0.6e
60 Kb





increase/decrease value of each song is now kept in a file
portuguese support


added an "uppercase only" option
SingIT no longer takes so much cpu-usage when it's minimized
increase/decrease value is now kept in memory when docked mode is used


Hebrew support
Hungarian support


the zoom is now adjustable (x.5 x1 x1.5 x2 x2.5 x3)
optimized the code for the interface (buttons are drawn faster)
fixed the SingSkin name in dock-mode


NAD compatible (but only NAD v0.94+) !!!
Added a priority option
Deutsch support


SingIT is no longer a Winamp plugin... nad-compatible soon !!!
New docked mode !!!
Final improved SingSkin support... Everything is configurable now
Decreased the cpu-usage by 2
Now displays upper/lowercase letters
Windows98 buttons style
Cleaner design
Displays a logo when it can't find any lyrics file
Added an "Always on Top" option
The title can now be put on the right-part of your SingSkin
Smarter text-centered option
Many bugfixes (maybe some bugs added too)


stupid bugfix


Winamp v1.9 compatible engine


SingSkin Title Bar item fixed
Fixed the Winamp-stopped bug
Added a <none> SingSkin


Added a config button
Added some id3-tags


Added synchronize buttons
Norwegian bug fixed
SingSkin window no longer hide Winamp


Big improvement in the singskin support: most everything is customisable now !!!
Redesigned the singskin dialog box
Keep the Skin_Dir (You may select it in the config box)
Title bar highlighted when Sing IT! get the focus
Bug fixed in the .lrc load engine


Stupid bug in the skin support fixed


More realistic buttons
Experimantal skin support
Norwegian support
Now displays numbers in hebrew lyrics (sorry hebrew fans ;)


Auto-minimize option added
The Sing IT! window is no longer rectangular ;)
X2 Zoom added
Nasty title bar removed
Center-align feature added
Show ID3 tags
Show lyrics author ( [by:xxxx] tag )
Keep selected features for next restart
Bug fixed with [00:00] time-tag on the first line
Hebrew bug fixed


Multi-tags per line bug fixed


Empty-lines support added
Minimize/Restore bug fixed


Hungarian Support
Minor bugfixes


Now you can put your .lrc/.txt files in your mp3's directory
Display the author of the lyric near the end of the song played (You have to use Sing IT! Editor in order to sign you lyrics)


French support
Winamp-Mangled bug fixed


ID3 tags support !!!
Better Lyric-Load engine
Easy to use Config Box
Hebrew support
Small icon added


Added a Config Box to select the Lyrics directory
Displays helpfull information when the lyric file can't be found
Added a space char at both extremity of the Scrolling-text
Last scrolling bug fixed
another close-bug fixed
display bug fixed


Autosize itself with the longest sentence of the lyric
Scroll bug fixed
the line to sing is now highlighted
Some other bugfixes and optimizations (the size is smaller than v0.2!)


new Winamp look


Totally converted from Delphi to C++ (now i can make many visual effects. You have to wait the next release to appreciate the new gfx)


Keep last window position
Close Bug fixed (but there is still one!)
Last Sentence Bug fixed


Added a minimize button
Added support for a Lyrics directory
Some bugfixes


Added a smart scrolling (you need to see it to understand what i mean)
Added support for repeated lines/several time-tags
Some bugfixes


First public release of the Winamp plugin
SingIT Editor is out !


First private release of the Winamp plugin

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