Shadow of the Blitz

Shadow of the Blitz

Shadow of the Blitz v 0.2.0

Shadow of the Blitz has been rewritten using SDL.
It's as simple as it was, and I've only done it to see how SDL handle some parallax scrolls. I'm a bit disappointed, as it's fast, but not smooth at all. And I don't think I can fix it until I can set/get the resolution frequency using SDL =(

Some useful keys :

  • F: Toggle Fullscreen
  • ESC: Exit

Download : sotb-0.2.0.tar.bz2 13 Kb

Shadow of the Blitz v0.1a

Shadow of the Blitz is a small demo written using Blitz Basic.
It's a pure rip of the first level of an old game avalaible on 16 bits platforms called Shadow of the Beast.
All the graphics have been ripped pixel by pixel from the original game running under WinFellow and of course they are copyrighted by Psygnosis.

Download : 14 Kb

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