How can I get rid of Starforce?

Official Starforce removal tool

There is a Starforce Cleaner Utility that has worked for some. As you can read on the page providing it as a download:

"The famous protection solution developer, Starforce, has granted a sole right to distribute the Starforce Removal Tool utility to"

Well, in case their website goes down or their file is removed in the future, I'm providing a mirror of the Starforce removal tool. For your information, the domain is owned by, enough said.

The only purpose of this file is to remove the Starforce driver from your system in the hope to get it back to the state it was before the Starforce installation. It won't allow you to play Starforce restricted games. We'll add to this page any new techniques available.

StarForce 3 Reverse-Engineering Tools (c) RELOADED

In March 2006, RELOADED, a well known warez group, released a set of tools including technical documentation and development files with the will to help people working on ways to bypass Starforce. There is nothing illegal in it, so feel free to download and spread this small rld-sfrt.rar file (595kB).

Unofficial way to remove Starforce

  1. Remove these files:
  2. Remove these registry keys:

Epos's method to achieve that

1. Device removal

2. File removal

open the search window (F3) and look for any of the following files on ANY drive:


When you find any of them, remove them.

3. Registry cleanup

Open the windows registry (Start -> Run -> Regedit) and look for any of the following items:


If you aren't allowed to delete those entries, right-slick on the item, click permissions, then grant full control over the item. You can then delete ir from the registry.

Again, remove anything even related to any of these items. Be sure to search for KEYS, VALUES and DATA. You will get more hits then just the ones given by the Starforce crew. I removed all trace of them.